Sunday, October 19, 2014

Don Wheeler, our fifth president

Our fourth president Joe Piot may be remembered in three areas, 1) lavish Christmas Parties; at Tavern on the Green,  Water Club, 21 Club, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, etc. (Nick Profeta recalls that he was told not to worry about expenses.), 2) starting ill planned Columbus factory construction (listening to a junior Arthur Andersen consultant and decided to build a Just-in-time factory ) 3) bringing in McKinsey consultant.          Don Wheeler our fifth and Thomas Bittner our seventh president and others with McKinsey background joined Polychrome through his effort.             Don has inherited troubled Columbus project and ultimately was the victim of cost overrun and delay in start up probably resulting in  his  short lived tenure as the CEO.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Service Award 1987

Were you at this service award?       I see familiar names like; Ray Baer, Kathy Sharp, Ed Sabol, Stu Sherman, Theresa Wasiak,Silvia Black,Peggy Otis,Barbara Viviano,Steve Gallo,Alan Wilkes,Gordon Jenkins,Eileen Lucci and of course Nick Profeta and Herman Wolf.     See the full list HERE.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Old photos from Fred Gumbinner

Fred Gumbinner, Mr. Bob Gumbinner's son, contributed these old photos.  Thanks Fred!

This photo must have been taken in mid 70' just before Wes Hennessey our second president in the back far left took office.

These are probably from one of the Christmas Party pictures around the same time.

Jim Graves, Stan Eysman and Lee Bonime in the back
Barney Gold in the middle.

 Alex Halpern in the middle and Seth Cross in the back far right.

Fred Polack old time stencil person seated in the middle. Irv Simmons of Cromatone on far left and Carol Chu on the opposite side.     Nick Profeta and Simon Chu in the back.

Ray Lauzon and his wife and Simon Chu in the back, Jill Halley and Carol Chu front right

Irv Simmons, Mrs and Dr. Delos Bown and Stan Eysman in the back row.

On the upbeat Jun 1986

Promotions of Mike Popper, Dan Cahill, Jim Deer, Noel Stegner, Joe Pargola, Dan Ferrari, Pat Duckworth, Bill Faulkner, Mark Oser and Jenny Macias are congratulated in this issue.    Simon Chu elected as the president of NALPM.      Bill Bosko returns from Japan and Hawaii, Bill's reward for winning Manager of the Year honors for 1985.          Read more HERE.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Organization Chart around 1991

Judging from the date stamps these organization charts were created between 1990 and 1992 during the reign of Don Wheeler as CEO.      You many not recognize all the names but they are all "old timers"     now.       Go through all the department HERE.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Polychrome Americas News and Views Aug/Sept 1991

In this issue Noel Stegner introduces National Account Sales Team.        Don Lynch, Mike Poppr, Bill Bosko, Hal Kohn, Jerry Publocki and John Stergis give updates on their region.       Howard Krick lead  National TSR Ranking and B. Dixon was top in top billing TSR.        Read all the details HERE.
(Thank you Al Wierling for this and other contributions)

Friday, September 19, 2014

1992 Service Award

Mel Ettinger, then CEO announced service award for 1992.        Recipients included Nick Profeta and Herman Wolf for 35 years of service.        Harrey Horeisch for 30 year; Marvin Lester, Gordon Jenkins and Luis Ramsey for 25 years.      See who else you can recognize in this long list HERE.