Wednesday, April 15, 2015

On the Upbeat February 1988

This is the last of the series of "On the Upbeat" contributed by Al Wierling.      See  articles in this special 6 page long issue such as "February sales/marketing anniversaries of ten or more years" (Chuck Kreiner with 30 years of service)","Larrea wins company's highest honor as 1987 manager of the year", "Dixon adds Salesperson of  Year Award to other 1987 honors", " Jordan first at $2 million mark"."Phoenix sales meeting highlights.... with pictures", etc.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

On the Upbeat January 1988

See articles in this issue, "Exchange Program a Success in Boston", " NY School receives PC-32", "Jordan, Porter go 12 for 12 as 26 $100,000 Decembers ties March record", "Cincinatti finishes year on top as brances break budget when it counts!","How it feels to be a salesperson of the year", etc.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

On the Upbeat December 1987

In this issue, you will find articles such as " December Sales/Marketing Anniversaries", "Muzillo Speaks of Challenge of Change at Annual Service Award Luncheon", " Profeta looks back at courageous Company"," A lotta help from POLO", "XLR toppin Kodak", etc.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Soest, Holland Our European film plant

Steve Gallo who was one of the key R&D member at our Clark film plant unearthed photos from Soest.         "Sorest" was Chemco's European plant till it ran into financial difficulty due to unsuccessful currency exchange hedge  and needed financial help from outside.        Soon after the asset transfer around 1996, their plate plant was closed and the production equipment was moved to our Sofia, Romania plant to strengthen our production within the old iron curtain region.     Film production was continued supplementing Clark production so that Polychrome became one of the very few companies offering both lithfilm and PS plate.      

Here is Steve's comment and photos from Soest.      Thank you Steve for the rare photos.

I have unearthed 2 pictures of the Soest, Holland Photo Plant from February 1996. These were taken in the library of the R&D section. You will remember Pat Friedman from the Clark, NJ  R & D staff and perhaps the tall fellow with the tie and sport jacket. He was the last R & D Director of the Soest Labs. One of the first, or the first R & D Director, of Soest was our old friend Dr. Max Van Dam (Yonkers and Clark labs) and in 1996 his 1958 photo was still hanging in the Soest offices.
Here is the first 2/1996  color photo of Soest/Chemco. This is the main entrance to the Marketing building. Jack Wiethoff (Yonkers) was based in this building in Holland.

Here is the second photo of Soest personnel from our Holland plant. This was a dinner in Soest in 2/1996. The top left was two Soest R & D Chemists, myself, and Dr. Henk Van Peski (Director of Environmental Affairs). The bottom was Soest Chemist Dr. Marja Kops Werkhoven and Pat Friedman Clark Chemist.

Here is the 3rd Soest, Holland photo from 2/1996. 
This was taken in the R & D Library and has left to right: Pat Friedman (Clark Chemist), Dr. Eric Rappel (newly appointed by Dr. Burt Waxman Director of R & D), Martha Krul (R & D Secretary), and Dr. Marja Kops Werkhoven (Soest Chemist).


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

On the Upbeat October 1987

"Metal Specialists Attend Suste, Brimmer Seminar", " The customers always write", "Ink direct mail cambapaign","Regional standing"" 100% of the budget or over Brunches"," Vistar Plates on View in Chicago", "Record XLR month", etc. are the some of the titles of the reports contained in this issue.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

On the Upbeat September 1987

September was a good month for new hires;  Ross Larrea, John Sturgis, Tony Passante, John Harrison, John Zint, Joseph Russell, Hal Kohn, Susan Frary, Pat Haan and David Carey all joined in September and celebrated various anniversary from 10 to 19 years during this September.    Read the entire text HERE

Saturday, March 14, 2015

On the Upbeat July 1987

Gaby Pino, Polychrome's export service administrator received a surprise presentation by the dealers from 12 different Latin American and Caribbean countries for her outstanding working relationship with these dealers over the prior thirteen years.     And yes Herman Wolf was with the company for 30 years!.     Read all in this issue HERE.