Friday, September 19, 2014

1992 Service Award

Mel Ettinger, then CEO announced service award for 1992.        Recipients included Nick Profeta and Herman Wolf for 35 years of service.        Harrey Horeisch for 30 year; Marvin Lester, Gordon Jenkins and Luis Ramsey for 25 years.      See who else you can recognize in this long list HERE.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Old photos from Yonkers

 Here is the award-winning Yonkers headquarter entrance.    You may remember the spiral staircase right behind these glass doors.

Ever present Rudy Thornhill

With my partner in many projects, Jay Patel

Another Chemist from India, Ajay Shah

We used to enlist help of off duty police officers from Yonkers Police department for the night watch.
One familiar face at the reception desk.

Not yet world class maintenance department in yonkers plant many years ago.
(view from old R&D lab upstairs)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

On the Upbeat March 1985

This issue says "First Anniversary Issue" suggesting that the Upbeat started March 1984.       So early few issues are missing at this point.
Canada region was 113% of budget in January 1985 and G. Jackson was by far the best performer at 204% against budget.      Read more HERE.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mr. M. Shiraishi in New York

Mr. "Michi" Shiraishi was a DIC representative between 1984 and 1995,
a relatively long stay for DIC where rotation in 3 years or so was a norm.        He was first stationed in Kohl &Madden and then at DICA as a technical representative and was a familiar face at Polychrome in Carlstadt and Ft Lee.      You may remember him well for his ready smile and his excellent followup.          He was in New York this summer to visit his second son who works in New Jersey.            After his tour in US he went back to Tokyo and Malaysia and then after his retirement from DIC became busy in volunteering  to head Japanese School for foreigners in his city.     He comes to New Jersey often to see his second son, his wife and two grandchildren.            He says hello to all those who were at Polychrome.

Mr. Shiraishi and me with New York skyline in back

Friday, August 29, 2014

Nick Profeta's photo collection

Nick's wife Carmen kindly dug through their photo album and provided me these photos.   
Thank you Nick and Carmen.

Nick's 25th service award 

His 30th service award

with J. Piot... N. Profeta Street!!!? in 1987

with Bill Rowe

w. Mr. Hiroaki Takahashi, DIC personnel dept.

with E. Levy

with J. Piot, D. Wheeler and R. Muzzilo

This appears to be a pretty old Tappan Hill Christmas party late 1060's

with Mr. Shiraishi of DIC and Carmen

Mr. Shiraishi, Nick, JP, Mr. Tsuji then DIC America president and Mr. Ito then general manager of DICA

Kanpai with Mr. Tsuji

with Mr. Yujobo of DICA and Lou Kaplan 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The farewell letter from Mr. Halpern, Oct. 22, 1980

Mr. Halpern was always able to seek and find an alternative investor if a major investor became uneasy about the Polychrome's performance or Mr. Halpern's leadership.       He may have thought the situation was no different in 1978 when Rhone Poulanc management indicated their interest in raising their stake in Polychrome.        Rhone Poulanc by then was not only a major investor but also an important business partner both in marketing and in research & development.         Mr. Halpern's call to find an investor was answered by DIC whose president Mr. Kawamura was very much interested in expanding his business overseas.           This time, however, the balancing act did not work out in Mr. Halpern's favor.         Instead of having DIC to own only a part of the remaining Polychrome stock to counterbalance Rhone Poulanc, DIC ended up winning a bidding war... a first for a Japanese company to do so.... and owning most of Polychrome's share except for a few percent owned by Mr. Halpern.
Mr. Halpern still hoped to maintain his management control of Polychrome even after the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of DIC and all the indications were that DIC was willing to do so.       Mr. Halpern then made a second mistake in judgement; he panicked and feared that his remaining shares may not be worth if DIC did not honor and buy them in future.        He rushed to Tokyo and got an agreement to have them bought.         This left him to be a mere employee of the company rather than a significant share holder.                 Mr. Halpern increasingly found himself to be out of management loop, moved out of his office (and moved into my office!) then tendered his resignation.         This letter was sent to all the employees and was his farewell to his beloved Polychrome.             You can read the whole text HERE.          By the way after losing this bidding war, Rhone Poulanc pulled out of the graphic arts business.      We later bought Regma and Quadrimetal from them.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Organization announcement in 1987

In this detailed organizational announcement Joe Piot announced his vision of future Polychrome organization and made appointments which included three future presidents.     Don Wheeler, COO; Thomas Bittner, European General Manager and Bob Hallman, VP R&D.     Read the entire announcement with charts HERE.            Thanks Nick for providing the copy.