Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ettinger and Co. in Japan

When Mel became CEO, he brought a delegation to DIC in an effort for a closer tie.     As was customary for DIC to receive visitors,  Mel was asked to make presentation regarding the state of Graphic Arts at the Tokyo plant Graphic Center.       Both Sr. Kawamura and the president Kawamura along with many from various department of DIC attended.

Mel at the Graphic Center

Bob Hallman with Graphic Arts Technical Center personnel

The days usually ended  in a Karaoke party in those days; standing is 
Mr. Hattori who was in charge of Graphic groups at that time  and Mr. Shiraishi.
Sitting from left is Cliff Coppinger and Mel Ettinger with kimono clad hostes.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mell Ettinger our sixth president

Right after the departure of Don Wheeler, Mel Ettinger appeared as the sixth president of Polychrome.   His arrival at Yonkers headquarter was memorable as he came in a chauffeur driven limo, the first in Polychrome and the last although a limo service is a standard perk for major Japanese company executives.    As CEO he saw the Columbus factory opening in 1991.   But he is probably best remembered for closing  the company headquarter in Yonkers and then relocating it to Ft. Lee, New Jersey co-locating with then the immediate parent company, Sun Chemical.               We also saw the final closing of Yonkers plant and consolidation of the production in Columbus during his term.          His charming and dashing way could not turn around the  US business due to the hemorrhaging investment in Columbus  and probably caused his departure.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

On the Upbeat August 1986

The Upbeat reports Polychrome's purchase of Rachwal System.          John Russell leads the year to date sales showing 171% of budget, followed by Mark Skender's 140% and Robert Morris's 135%.     Nashville branch ( Al Wierling) holds first place in the branch percent to budget race.
Read all about it HERE.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

PQX team

This came from Victor Lopez and he writes,

My brain is a little fuzzy on the exact date.  But this was my first project at Polychrome.  I think the product was launched in 1991. As an aside, the PQX team was one of the first multi department product teams.  I remember catching a little flack for putting this group together.  I was inspired from the Quality Circles belief that was floating around in the late 80's.
(can you recognize all the names of the team? )

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Party invitation 1969 and 1974

These are the invitations to the annual Christmas Party while Mr. Halpern was around.   No photos; just the images of the invitations to establish when and where.....

Friday Dec. 19th 1969 at the Tappan Hill Restaurant

Saturday Dec. 21st 1974 at the Hilton Inn, Tarrytown, NY

Friday, November 21, 2014

Whistle blowing encouraged in 1989

This note encourages 1200 Polychrome employees to speak up when he/she finds inappropriate actions within the company.       I have not asked Nick, the designated receiver of the calls how successful it was.         But this note by itself may also have served to indicate the management's willingness to listen and as such may have had some value.     See the full text HERE.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Better half's guide to Polychrome R&D 1996

Whenever I had an occasional R&D get together at my home, I made up a flyer to distribute to entertain the members or R&D who showed up to celebrate one thing or other.      Here is the one from 1996.     Judging from the date, Dec. 29, this must have been one for a Christmas Party.        This is a somewhat tongue in cheek description of our R&D but some are factual and good description of our activities.  
HERE is the detail with some photos from the Carlstadt Lab you might enjoy.      You can also read the  write up to identify which is true and which is not.