Sunday, January 25, 2015

1988 study of ps plate business

In the process of transforming  Mr. Halpern's start up company to medium to a large multinational company, business consultants were hired to analyze our business.       This Nov. 1988 study by a well know consultant was one of many to follow.         It did not predict the digital revolution soon to come and transformation of industry into digital age.         The study, however, shows our competitive advantages and disadvantages as well as our industry position at the time.        It is interesting to read the executive summery;  a bit  pessimistic on Polychrome's future..        The entire presentation is HERE

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just a snapshot from 1987

As licensing agreement was to expire in 1988, DIC started to plan own production of PS plates based on Polychrome technology.        This was one of the meetings held in Tokyo Graphic Center.     Late Umemoto is seen far left front, standing in the middle is Dr. Oe who spierheaded the project and later became president of DIC, to the left of Dr. Oe is Mr. Hayakawa who lead the R&D in Gunma ever since.      Ever young looking Simon Chu is sitting next to me.

Date marker says Feb. 3rd 1987

Friday, January 9, 2015

Meetings, meetings and meetings

Yes we had meetings all the time and here is a glimpse as to how many meetings some of us attended.
HERE is the planned meeting list for the year 1991.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

On the Upbeat January 1987

Upbeat report acquisition of Sun Chemical Ink business by DIC.        DIC later made the Sun Chemical as the core unit and Polchrome became then a subsidiary of DIC.          Ken Porter was honored for his record breaking sales of $178,000 in a single month.        Read all other interesting sales stories HERE.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Promotions announced

Thanks to Nick Profeta, this old announcement in early 1980' surfaced again.    It is probably in the local Yonkers paper called Herald Statesman and announced promotion of Ken Shimazu  to the Assistant Vice President and Nick Profeta to the Corporate Secretary.           Nick was the de facto corporate secretary for years while Mrs. Halpern held the title but since Mr. Halpern's departure his role was officially acknowledged.      

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ettinger and Co. in Japan

When Mel became CEO, he brought a delegation to DIC in an effort for a closer tie.     As was customary for DIC to receive visitors,  Mel was asked to make presentation regarding the state of Graphic Arts at the Tokyo plant Graphic Center.       Both Sr. Kawamura and the president Kawamura along with many from various department of DIC attended.

Mel at the Graphic Center

Bob Hallman with Graphic Arts Technical Center personnel

The days usually ended  in a Karaoke party in those days; standing is 
Mr. Hattori who was in charge of Graphic groups at that time  and Mr. Shiraishi.
Sitting from left is Cliff Coppinger and Mel Ettinger with kimono clad hostes.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mell Ettinger our sixth president

Right after the departure of Don Wheeler, Mel Ettinger appeared as the sixth president of Polychrome.   His arrival at Yonkers headquarter was memorable as he came in a chauffeur driven limo, the first in Polychrome and the last although a limo service is a standard perk for major Japanese company executives.    As CEO he saw the Columbus factory opening in 1991.   But he is probably best remembered for closing  the company headquarter in Yonkers and then relocating it to Ft. Lee, New Jersey co-locating with then the immediate parent company, Sun Chemical.               We also saw the final closing of Yonkers plant and consolidation of the production in Columbus during his term.          His charming and dashing way could not turn around the  US business due to the hemorrhaging investment in Columbus  and probably caused his departure.